Our Mission

FELINE URBAN RESCUE, Inc. was established in 1996 to assist homeless cats in the Washington metropolitan area. One goal is to prevent as many cats as possible from going into the D.C. public animal shelter, where the euthanasia rate is extremely high and the adoption rate is therefore very low, especially compared to the surrounding jurisdictions.

Some background information on "F.U.R.: It was formed primarily by Susan Nelson, who is a lifelong Washington area resident and has been working for 32 years with homeless and abused companion animals. For fifteen years she worked primarily with dogs, taking in "fosters" from the Washington Humane Society and other sources and finding suitable homes for them. The majority of the dogs from the Washington Humane Society were neglected and/or abused and often required fairly long term rehabilitation before adoption. Since 1990 she has been working exclusively with cats, beginning with the trapping and placement of two colonies of approximately 25 cats each in her immediate neighborhood. Since 1990 approximately 500 cats and kittens have been adopted.

FELINE URBAN RESCUE, Inc. is a grass roots organization committed to assisting the cats of metropolitan Washington in every possible way. The concomitant benefit of educating the public about various aspects of cat care during the screening/adoption process has been especially rewarding and one major objective for the future is to find other progressive thinking people to help in this endeavor and provide new ideas that might be effective. Potential adopters are advised of the benefits of high quality, preferably organic, cat foods and supplements, as well the cruelty involved with declawing and the dangers of allowing animals to go outside. An extensive interview process is conducted prior to adoption and specific requirements are presented in an agreement which is signed at the time of the adoption. A "home visit" is always done prior to an adoption to meet all of the potential adopters and to make certain that the home is appropriate for the specific animal(s) and to advise of any possible dangers to the animal that might be present in the home, i.e. loose window screens or space behind refrigerator, etc. This is particularly helpful to first time pet owners. A small adoption fee is required. Donations are tax deductible. Our IRS tax exempt number is 52-1986309.

If you would like to volunteer with "F.U.R." or make a donation please contact Susan Nelson at the phone number or address listed above. FOSTER HOMES AND OTHER SERVICES ARE URGENTLY NEEDED!!!

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