Emmy's Take

A success story as told by Emmy the cat

So there I was, all by myself in my room…all day, every day. I had 12 other cats in the house, but I was too scared to hang out with them. It was just too overwhelming for me. Sure, my humans were nice, but I was hoping for a change.

I needed a new place, a quiet place. But who was going to take a 3-year-old scaredy cat? I'd been looking for a while and almost gave up.

And then they showed up! She was nice; he was a little scary but a really good scratcher.

I went over to their house for a visit, and I was hooked. Not only was it quiet and loaded with cat toys, there was also Templeton…”Tempie” he goes by. A big, scrapping gray Siamese with a nice voice and really loud purr. Turns out he's a bit of a scaredy cat himself. How perfect! I moved in a week later.

My new Mom brings me my favorite food anytime I want. She'll even get me something different if I decide I don't want that kind right now. Both my new humans pet me all the time. I love it here.

The door never closes to my favorite bedroom here; I can go anywhere I want! I like to sleep on my bed or on my window perch the most. I have cat trees everywhere. I like to sit on the couch and watch the fish in the aquarium.

After the fish get fed at night, it's time for Tempie and me to play “lasers.” We turn most of the lights off and Dad makes the laser light go all over the living room. I have to watch myself because sometimes I'm playing so hard that I don't look where I'm going. I'm getting better every day.

After Mom and Dad go to bed, Tempie and I take over the house. We chase each other everywhere. It's nice to have a new best friend.

Kittens are cute, but adopting a cat that's a few years old is the best thing to do. We really appreciate a good home!

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